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This website is currently hosting Call of Duty: Ghosts Tournaments on Xbox 360. We plan on hosting on different platforms within the next couple of months. You are welcome to sign up for any & all of our tournaments and it is our pleasure to provide fun & competition for competitive/pro call of duty teams. We strive to make our website more user friendly & legitimate every day. We are hosting free tournaments & buy-in tournaments that cost anywhere from $3 - $20 entries for a team. We pay 75% of the money to the first place team and 15% to second place. We keep the rest of the money to help run the website more smoothly and if you enjoy our tournaments & would like to thank us for the hard work we put in day in & day out, click here to donate. These donations would be greatly appreciated as a lot of money goes into running a website & donations would help us accomplish our website goals. Accounts and credit systems are in the near future. We just need a little bit of time & our website will soon be the GOAT of Tournament Sites. Thanks for visiting our websites, hopefully you enjoy our tournaments and for support visit our twitter- @BasicTournament .  
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